Delicious stuff to eat

Today my kelp noodles and irish moss arrived in the mail and I’ve been having lots of fun playing with them.

Kelp noodles

I made a nice hardly-cooked vegetable stir-fry on a bed of the kelp noodles and it was yum. Not too kelpy and pretty noodly. I was worried they’d taste really fishy but it’s a pretty subtle flavour and nice texture. Definitely feels like eating noodles. I soaked them in some warm water first so they weren’t too cold.

Kelp noodles in my 'raw-ish' stir-fry

Kelp noodles in my 'raw-ish' stir-fry

Irish Moss

Wow, what a crazy fun thing to play with. I rinsed them for ages but they still smelt fishy. Hmmm. After soaking overnight in the fridge the smell was reduced (but not gone). Thankfully I’d read something online saying that it doesn’t matter if it smells a little still, that you won’t taste it, and having sampled a little of the honey oat bread recipe before it went into the dehydrator, I can confirm – no fishy taste!

My blender obviously isn’t powerful enough as no matter how long I whizzed it, I couldn’t get a smooth paste. I ended up spooning it into the sieve and forcing it through with a spoon. I was left with a bowl of smoot, pink  jelly paste and a little purple mound of jelly moss that I put on the garden.

I got this idea from Nouveau Raw who use irish moss in their bread recipe (which is next on my list to try!)

Soaking Irish Moss for use in raw recipes

Soaking Irish Moss for use in raw recipes

Check it out at Nouveau Raw


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